19 Jan 2018 - Update v6.1

Update v6.1
-Counting frags should work corectly.
-Problem with high pings should be resolved.

1. New Special Outfits

2. Special Outfits for all characters

3. A lot of monsters outfits rework

4. Changes in Jutsu:
-Sasuke Kirin is now Target+Area.
-Choji Cho Baika no Jutsu is now Area attack.
-Hiruzen/Asuma Fuuton Fujin no Jutsu is now Area attack.
-Kimimaro Tessenka no Mai Hana is now Wave attack.
-Hidan Ogama Kogeki is now Target+Area attack.
-Bee/Raikage Daburu Rariatto is now Area atatck.
-Shikamaru Hikaridama is now Target+Area attack.
-Ino/Tsunade/Sakura Mystical Palm is now Area attack.
-Tenten Kusagirama is now Target+Area attack.
-Tenten Jidanda is now Target+Area attack.
-Kankuro Sasori no Ito and Sasori Kogeki have swap places.
-Kankuro Sasori Kogeki has been changed into Akahigi Hyakki no Soen. -Shisui Shunshin no Shisui is now Target+Area attack.
-Sasori 250 jutsu has been changed in to Sasori no Ito.
-Lee/Gai Konoha Daisenpuu is now Area Attack.
-Madara Limbo has been changed.

5. Client v6.1 changes
- new login panel
- new layout style
- added mission status module
- added loot info on screen (on/off in options)(default: on)
- show left panel (on/off in options) (default: off)
- added 2 more view modes (you can choose in options)
- inventory module rework
- added HUD bars(HP/MP) into the game (you can choose opacity 0-100%)(default: 0%)

6. New Dungeons system

7. Sasuke Gaiden

12 Jan 2018 - New Skilling Throwers

New Skilling Throwers

10 Jan 2018 - Update v6.1


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