16 Mar 2018 - Update v6.3

Update v6.3

-New set for 600lvl
-New set for 700 lvl
-New weapons for 600 lvl
-New weapons for 700 lvl
-New amulets for 300-700 lvl
-New Rings for 500-700 lvl
-New Shields for 500-700 lvl
-A lot of new other items.

-New crafting functions
-New enchanting functions

-New monsters:

-New monsters for 500lvl:

-New monsters for 600lvl:

-New monsters for 700lvl:

-New Triangle Island for 500-700lvl.

-New daily missions for 500-700 lvl
-News task missions for 500-700 lvl
-New Hyuuga missions for 500 lvl
-New Knight missions for 600 lvl
-New Otsutsuki missions for 700 lvl

-New Kage Instant Quest for 400 lvl -New quest for 600 lvl -New quest for 700 lvl

Changes and Fixes
-Kakashi raiden feet in some ground has been fixed.
-NPC Daily missions with taking item problem has been fixed.
-Golem monsters have been nerfed.
-Cursed Samurais have been nerfed.
-Juubi scroll has been changed.
-You can make ultimate pill now in alchemy room.
-Runing quest has been fixed.
-Pz bug in element golems place has been fixed.
-Looting problem with backpacks from monsters has been fixed.
-Dungeon for 200 lvl with filars bug has been fixed.
-Dungeon 300 lvl with more party members has been fixed.
-Skin module has been updated.
-Loot module has been fixed (backpack problems).
-Problem with aka/anbu outfits and dead has been fixed.
-Kaguya amenominaka ice/lava in aka abnu has been fixed.
-You cant now use any jutsu if you are "near death".
-Distance enchanting weapons bug has been fixed.
-Distance damage has been fixed.
-Distance problem before monsters or runing and attacking has been fixed.
-Enchanting with element enchanted + items bug has been fixed.
-Jail falcon and teleporting bug has been fixed.
-Amaterasu stacking has been fixed.
-A lot of teleporting bugs have been fixed.
-Aka/Anbu outfit bug has been fixed.
-Aka Anbu battle has been changed, now you will draw your side and go back to your fraction after match.
-Kaguya MVP respawn has been fixed.

New CMs!:
-CM Kumpel
-CM Antico
-CM Rederith

15 Mar 2018 - WoNO v6.3 Trailer

22 Feb 2018 - Lets Talk!

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