22 Sep 2017 - Chats

Writing on game-chat about trading or looking for an instance team will now be punished with a ban or a note.
For trading you have a trade chat, and for teaming up there is a Sags and Quests chat.
P.S. For trading characters there is a Char Market on our website. Trading accounts out of WONO is prohibited

22 Sep 2017 - Update v5.2.0

Update v5.2.0 and summary of week #3

The third week has just ended. Many small bugs have been fixed.
There was also a problem with Combo Leader, but we added new logs to server so CL is realy easy to find.
So if you will die and you suspect that it's because of CL you can report it and we will check it, if your suspicion will be right, the player who used CL will get account delete .

Whats new:
Swordmasters got new outfits.

Sasuke got new special outfit.

Some new alternative jutsu for the hardest vocations in exp:
Deidara: C4 Jirai
Sasuke: Enton Honoikazuchi
Minato: Hiraishin Senko Rasengan
Shino: Hijutsu Mushi Nagashi
Tenten: Sogu Soshoryu oraz Bashosen Hi no Maki

5 new Kage-Rank Missions for 300 lvl.

From today Akatsuki vs Anbu Race and Akatsuki vs Anbu Tower Battle Event have been activated.
For this weekend all instances will be opened for all levels to get Instance Achievement.

Next update: 29/09/2017

PS. If you don't use laucher, remember to download the newest client from download section.

21 Sep 2017 - CL problem

Hello, because of cl problem on our server we decided to add logs to every channel on server, and now we can easily find if someone was using cl or not.
So from today if you suspect that you died because of CL, you can report it and we will check it.
Punishment for Combo Leader(CL) is account delete.

Regards, Support



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