23 Sep 2018 - WoNO Update

We have added:
- 10 New Shadow Missions for 400lvl
- 5 New Slasher Missions for 400 lvl
- 5 New Hyuuga Missions for 500 lvl
- 5 New Knight Missions for 600 lvl
- 5 New Otsutsuki Missions for 700 lvl
All on Triange Island.

17 Sep 2018 - WoNO 24H Stream

12 Sep 2018 - Offline training

Hello, due to high amount of players, after next restart on server, offline training/AFK training will be limited to 2 hours!
So if you want to train more than 2 hours you have to move in a game every 2 hours!

PACC players can train up to 6 hours offline/afk
FACC players can train up to 2 hours offline/afk.

Regards, Support

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