19 Oct 2017 - Update v5.2.3

Update v5.2.3 and summary of week #7

The seventh week has just ended.

7-Days Event:
There is a chance to get special chakra scroll from monsters and you can change it for special rewards.

SMS Shop week promotions:
Skill Boost - 40% OFF
Fuuton Kage Box - 30% OFF
Suiton Kage Box - 30% OFF

All instances have been opened without max level for weekend.

13 Oct 2017 - Update v5.2.2

Update v5.2.2 and summary of week #6

The sixth week has just ended. New ticket system is working very good!.
Here you can see our results: click here

Whats have been changed:
-Menma 250 jutsu Rasenringu has been changet to Target.
-Gaara 100 jutsu Suna no Yoroi has been changet to +25% meele def and 15% jutsu def for 10 sec.
-Nagato 100 jutsu Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu, dying has been removed.

-Enchanted Golems meele attack has been nerfed.
-There is no longer saga-transform limit, just use command !saga and you can transform 100/400 lvl without saga.

Whats new:
Mission for killing 9999 golems to change Koton Glove or Koton Kunai into Enchanted Koton Glove/Kunai.

SMS Shop week promotions:
Exp Boost - 40% OFF
Katon Kage Box - 30% OFF
Raiton Kage Box - 30% OFF

Next update: 20/10/2017

All instances have been opened without max level for weekend.

6 Oct 2017 - Update v5.2.15

Update v5.2.15 and summary of week #5

The fifth week has just ended. Many small bugs have been fixed.

Whats have been changed:
Naruto MVP Bunshin have less health.
Forum has been removed.
Kakuzu: Masks Hearts Relase has been reworked to revive from dying.
Item Rainbow Snake Shield has been buffed.

Whats new:
We have added tickets and support system.
You can create ticket to:
1. Report a bug of any kind
2. Report a problem with pacc/premium
3. Give us an idea, what we can do to make the game better
Support works everyday, you should get an answer to your question within 24 hours.

New Achievements:
1 Day Premium Ticket
500 health and chakra
fuin sharingan scroll
drop boost
150 event points

Next update: 13/10/2017

Forum has been removed!, we have updated Rules!
All instances have been opened without max level for weekend.



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