11 Feb 2018 - Update v6.3

9 Feb 2018 - Update v6.2

Update v6.2

Game changes:
Distance attack is more balanced.
Fixed bug with Koton Quest.
Fixed Mizukage mission.
Teleport Jutsu is blocked in Aka vs Anbu and others events + arena.

OTClient changes:
- All outfits are centered
- Added option: draw informations above outfits (on/off)
- Magic Effects can be show under character (we will use scripts or spells with that option in future)
- auto-updater (every next update will be downloaded automaticaly)
- In backpacks you have slots again, so you can see how many space you've left
- mission module: Daily and task informations are auto-updating every 3 seconds
- skin module(more info below)
- attack circles(under monsters) have been changed

Skin module info:
This module shows your: standard outfit, organization skin, 0-5 special skin and legendary skin if you have one.

Special skins can now be selected from this module, old command has been disabled.
You can now see how many special skin is available for your character.
Special skins are now available for everyone. There is no level limit anymore.

Sometimes for a limited time(usually it will be 7 days) there will be legendary skin to obtain.
Every legendary skin will be in shop only once, so you will be able to get box with this skin only within this 7 days.
Skins are pernament.

This week there is 1 legendary skin for Tobirama, if you play Tobirama and you like this skin you can get it here
Details and screenshots:

All outfits are centered now.

A lot of reworked animated outfits.

New Skin panel:

New special skins:

New Legendary Skin:

A lot of reworked monsters outfits.

Minato Gaiden Saga.

3 Feb 2018 - Update v6.2


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