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IDTypeWhereDateDescription Golems meele attack has been nerfed. is no longer saga-transform limit, just use command !saga and you can transform 100/400 lvl without saga. Mask hearts release has been reworked - now you can revive yourself while your dying. and Gai have been reworked. Kami Shuriken has been chaned in to Kami Ryuu. Shuriken Kage Bunshin zmieniony na Doton Suiryudan no Jutsu. Juho Soshiken and Juho Soshiken RokujuyonSho are now target jutsu. Byakugo no in Mega is now making higher distance damage. Tenketsu Rokujuuyonshou has been changed to +35% taijutsu for 10 sec. Rasen Senko Cho Rinbuko Sanshiki Cast has been changed from 15 to 25 sec. for Bosses has been changed from 750.000 exp to 325.000 exp. Amaterass cast has been changed to 60. some cases ressurection without doing anything has been fixed. with chakra regeneration after equip item enchanted with slot chakra has been fixed. monsters don't respawn on sight anymore. missions requirements have been changed. instant quest exp has been changed from 500.000 to 1.500.00 and Tsunade Mystical Palm Res stamina has been changed from 100 to 50. Hebi Res health percent has been changed from 25% to 100% and stamina from 100 to 50. and Tsunade Mystical Palm Res health percent has been changed from 10% to 100%. jutsu Hijutsu Mushiyose cast has been changed from 12 to 18. jutsu Kagemane Shuriken cast has been changed from 8 to 12.



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