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Mission: Complete all D rank missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all C rank missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all B rank missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all A rank missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all S rank missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all Kazekage missions.
Reward: +2% exp for monsters.
Mission: Complete all Anbu missions.
Reward: Max health +500.
Mission: Complete all Frogs missions.
Reward: Max chakra +1000, Max health +500.
Mission: Complete Anbu/Akatsuki Leader Missions.
Reward: Max chakra +1000, Max health +1000.
Mission: Complete all Farmer missions.
Reward: Access to big konoha farm.
Mission: Complete all Nurse missions.
Reward: Potions regenerating 5% more.
Mission: Craft 10 items.
Reward: Health Regeneration +50/s.
Mission: Enchant with element 50 items.
Reward: Chakra Regeneration +50/s.
Mission: Get 25 quest points.
Reward: Stamina regeneration 1/30s.
Mission: Get 20 exploration points.
Reward: Speed +50.
Mission: Complete all 3 annihilators.
Reward: Exp +5.000.000.
Mission: Kill all 500lvl last bosses.
Reward: Atk Meele/Dist +5%.
Mission: Kill 5.000 Senju.
Reward: Meele/Dist Def +4%.
Mission: Complete Naruto Saga-Missions.
Reward: Exp Boost.
Mission: Complete Shippuuden Saga-Missions.
Reward: Damage and defense box.
Mission: Complete The-Last saga-missions.
Reward: Frag remover.
Mission: Complete Shippuuden Quest.
Reward: Shippuuden Transforms, Max health +250, Max Chakra +250.
Mission: Complete The-Last Quest.
Reward: The-Last Transforms.
Mission: Complete Edo Tower Quest.
Reward: All skills +1, Max health +250, Max Chakra +250
Mission: Particpate 10 wars in Akatsuki vs Anbu.
Reward: Ninjutsu Atk +5%.
Mission: Complete all 3-tier achievements and Hero Quest.
Reward: Hero Ring
Mission: Kill 5.000 Uchiha.
Reward: Ninjutsu Def +4%.
Mission: Complete all snow farmer missions.
Reward: 1 day premium ticket.
Mission: Complete all kage rank missions.
Reward: haelth and chakra +500.
Mission: Complete all Mizukage missions.
Reward: fuin sharingan scroll.
Mission: Complete all Turtle missions.
Reward: drop boost.
Mission: Complete all Uzumaki missions.
Reward: 150 event points.
Mission: Make pact with ninja monster.
Reward: Kuchiyose Monster.
Mission: Make pact with bijuu.
Reward: Bijuu jutsu relase.
Mission: Complete Kakashi gaiden saga.
Reward: Health +500
Mission: Complete Itachi gaiden saga.
Reward: Health +500
Mission: Enchant 10 equipements with shiny crystal.
Reward: shiny crystal.
Mission: Defeat 100 Element Golems.
Reward: stamina boost.
Mission: Complete 20 Tasks.
Reward: 3 golds.
Mission: Complete 15 daily missions.
Reward: 100 event points.
Mission: Complete All Instances.
Reward: 5.000.000 experiance.
Mission: Defeat all MVP.
Reward: event loss box.
Mission: Complete Boruto Saga.
Reward: skill boost.
Mission: Complete Running Quest.
Reward: sharingan enchant
Mission: Enchant item or weapon to +10.
Reward: Health and chakra +300.
Mission: Complete Sasuke Gaiden.
Reward: Green essence.
Mission: Complete Minato Gaiden.
Reward: Black essence.
Mission: Complete Hyuuga Missions.
Reward: Exp Boost.
Mission: Complete Knight Missions.
Reward: Health Boost.
Mission: Complete Otsutsuki Missions.
Reward: Drop Boost.
Mission: Complete 5 dungeons.
Reward: Skill boost.
Mission: Make one of Kage outfit.
Reward: Event loss box.
Mission: Kill 1000 Ancient Golems.
Reward: Royal Fuuton Ring.
Mission: Make 5 sloted items.
Reward: 2x card loss.

6 May 2019, 20:52 Killed at level 1099 by Almirante, a golem, King Chuchix Deleted, Demno, Bad Bunnyy and by Kurwa..
25 Apr 2019, 01:17 Killed at level 1039 by The Askew, King Chuchix Deleted, Doom, Asztherius, Madarando, King Chuchix, Tenten Shu, Boogeyman and by Blue..
25 Apr 2019, 01:16 Killed at level 1043 by Madarando, Blue, The Askew, King Chuchix and by Boogeyman..
25 Apr 2019, 01:09 Killed at level 1046 by Boogeyman, Madarando, The Askew, Asztherius, King Chuchix Deleted, King Chuchix and by Mugiwara No Luffy..
25 Apr 2019, 00:51 Killed at level 1049 by Blue, The Askew, King Chuchix, Juanito Banana and by King Chuchix Deleted..
25 Apr 2019, 00:46 Killed at level 1053 by The Askew, Madarando, King Chuchix Deleted and by Asztherius..
24 Apr 2019, 19:14 Killed at level 1055 by Boogeyman, Titan Axe and by Yong Lee..
23 Apr 2019, 11:17 Died at level 1033 by golem..
23 Apr 2019, 09:21 Killed at level 1034 by The Askew, Doom and by JpClouds..
23 Apr 2019, 09:13 Killed at level 1038 by Katrezz, The Askew, Juanito Banana, JpClouds and by King Chuchix..

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