Now your guild is getting experiance!
The experiance and kills will be reseted once a two weeks and the best 10 players of best guild will get special reward:
-50 event points
-special animation for two weeks on character
-one drawn of fallowing essences:

How to exp your guild?
-Doing missions (1-2 exp points),
-Doing Quests (1 exp points),
-Doing Tasks (1-5 exp points),
-Doing Daily Missions (1-5 exp points),
-Win in Akatsuki vs Anbu (10 exp points),
-Win in Guild vs Guild (25 exp points),
-Enchanting (1 exp points)[except shurikens and amulets],
-Guild Kills (1 kill = 1 exp points),

You can also make a tag for your guild with command: !changeguildtag

>>Here you can check best guilds!<<
Active Guilds on WoNO
Logo Description  
Rinnegan Squad
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Suna Team
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Before you can create guild you must login.



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Best Guilds



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