Make your own stream so other players can watch how you play or how you fight.
To view players who casting, just log into server without password, and you will see the list of streamers.
When someone has a password, just type password and you will be able to watch him.

Online Casts:
Name Level Description Viewers
Mustangao Turbinado 443 3
Verriuss 411 1
Menel 406 1
Yuzu Na Clu 402 0
Nowakowski 362 0
Unlucky Borowik 315 1
Hcone 242 3
Solarez 173 1
Hi Ru Zen 166 7
Bieda 154 3
Straw Hat 130 0
Woodstock 66 0
Ze Dos Pau 2 5

/cast onTurning on your cast
/cast offTurning off your cast
/cast descYour cast description
/cast bansYour cast banned players
/cast mutesYour cast muted players
/cast ban nickBan player on your cast
/cast mute nickMute player on your cast
/cast unban nickUnban player on your cast
/cast unmute nickUnmute player on your cast
/cast statusChecking status
/nick player_nickMaking nickname on someone cast
/infoChecking info on someone cast

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