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IDTypeWhereDateDescription Last Quest, Edo Tower Quest, Shippuuden Quest, Phoenix Quest can be done with help other players who already made it. have added fourth and fifth missions to retired shinobi. Quest is now 2x shorter and Sasuke is not killing with one hit. have added money rewards to all events and daily missions. has been fixed. You can change your name on website if you were namelocked before. Def is now for 4 sec Hyogan Domu have now 30 sec cast and -5 stamina. Tensei is now making stun for 1,5 sec anbu mask can be sold now for 100 zeni and bought for 200 zeni. is now 1 dolar for 1 lvl and max is 5 gold. receive 1 point on every try, even if you fail.(enchant achievement) 200 Quest, mission for taijutsu kill 50 prisoners has been changed to kill 15 prisoners. have added third mission to retired shinobi missions have get some changes in required lvl and first mission. Mystical Seal Relase stamina 50 -> 16, time 5 -> 10 system on website has been reworked. lot of map bugs have been fixed. lvl protection has been fixed. jutsu with % damage have been fixed in party. jutsu Suiton Doryu Heki has been fixed. walls exhustion has been fixed. have added second mission to retired shinobi feathers drop have been added to unknown monsters. Quest and Phoenix Quest Bosses have been nerfed. is now 2$*lvl. shoot is now for 1 gold.!stamina on/off - added to game (5 min exhaust on this command) and survival arena event have been turned on. bug charges has been fixed. outfit has been removed.
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