To start an instant quest you need a party of 4 players and each player has to have a different class
(Nin Figher, Tai Fighter, Dist Fighter and Def Fighter)

When you have a party like that you need to click on a certain gate and your team will be teleported to the start of instance.
Next, you need to clear all missions
Whether you do it alone, as 2 players or as 4 is random.
Moving forward you will have to defeat a boss and you will obtain a random reward which you will need to craft on your level.

If someone dies before last boss, you will need to clear the instance from the beggining.
To leave an instance you need to reconnect.
If you finish instant quest then you will have to wait 6 hours to do it again.

Available instances:
Genin Instant Quest: 100-199 lvl.
Chunin Instant Quest: 200-299 lvl.
Jonin Instant Quest: 300+ lvl.


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