Turtle Missions
Make and bring 2 buster potions and 2 nishu potions.
  5x yellow piece of clouth
5x red piece of clouth
5x white piece of clouth
5x blue piece of clouth
25 zeni papers
Slice 5 sand creatures with special suiton chakra sword.
  10x yellow piece of clouth
10x red piece of clouth
10x white piece of clouth
10x blue piece of clouth
30 zeni papers
Make and bring 3 lucky potions.
  5x yellow piece of steel
5x red piece of steel
5x bronze piece of steel
5x blue piece of steel
40 zeni papers
Bring 15 blue feathers.
  10x yellow piece of steel
10x red piece of steel
10x bronze piece of steel
10x blue piece of steel
50 zeni papers
Fuin 10 cursed prisoner corpses in to special fuin chakra glove.
  3x raiton coal
3x katon coal
3x doton coal
3x suiton coal
60 zeni papers
Bring gamabunta clavs, gamahiro swords and gamaken sasumata from myoboku island.
  3x enchanted raiton leaf
3x enchanted katon leaf
3x enchanted fuuton leaf
3x enchanted suiton leaf
70 zeni papers
Kill 1 MVP.
  5x enchanted raiton leaves
5x enchanted katon leaves
5x enchanted fuuton leaves
5x enchanted suiton leaves
80 zeni papers
Enchant and bring enchanted doton kunai.
  suiton core
90 zeni papers
Burn 10 zetsu with special katon chakra sword and bring this sword back.
  2x suiton core
1 zeni gold
Make and brind 2x master potions and 2x defender potions.
  golden essence
toad bag
Bring 20 sharingan shurikens
  7x enchanted raiton leaves
7x enchanted katon leaves
7x enchanted fuuton leaves
7x enchanted suiton leaves
1 zeni gold
Cut 3x rikudou coat with special cutter and bring 3x rikudou pieces
  10x enchanted raiton leaves
10x enchanted katon leaves
10x enchanted fuuton leaves
10x enchanted suiton leaves
1 zeni gold
Make and brind 5x slayer potions
  red essence
blue essence
ghost essence
1 zeni gold
Bring white seeker and black seeker
  white essence
2 zeni gold
Defeat Kaguya from survival arena event
  5x fuuton coal
2 zeni gold
Get 10x suiton dragon wings with special suiton cutter from suiton dragon corpses
  doton core
fuuton core
2 zeni gold
Bring 1x shiny crystal
  100x ultimate pills
doton snake shield
2 zeni gold
Get ultra doton head, ultra fuuton head, ultra katon head, ultra raiton head and ultra suiton head with special katon cutter from ultra chaka golem corpses
  card loss
3 zeni gold

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