5 Jun 2019 - WoNO Holidays

26 Mar 2019 - Bug found !

today we found bug which was causing server freeze.
Thanks to our player: Limpz he is the one who reported this and thanks to him everyone got +7 premium days on WoNO!!
He was properly rewarded for finding this bug as well.

Bug was hard to find and most likely every one who did this was doing this unintencional.
Bug has been fixed by now and we shouldn't see any more lags/crashes to the end of this edition!

24 Feb 2019 - Update v 8.1

We have added 7 Legendary Special Outits by Royalz here.

We have activated exp event for new characters.
From 1 lvl you have +150% exp points and lose 1% after each level so you chave exp bonus until 150 lvl.

We have also fixed pz bugs on map.

We are going to check all your propositions + other bugs and take care of it on this week.

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