Money for rent will be taken from your depo automaticly every week.
Remainder will apear next day if you didn't have money in depo, and day after that you will lose your house and items from your house will be transfered to your depo.
Iwagakure Street I3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street II2626 golds0.26 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street III2222 golds0.22 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street IV2222 golds0.22 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street IX122135 golds1.22 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street V2626 golds0.26 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VI3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VII7878 golds0.78 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIIa2626 golds0.26 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIIb2123 golds0.21 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIIc2626 golds0.26 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIId2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIIe3132 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street VIIIf3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street X2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street xi2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XII2828 golds0.28 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XIII3333 golds0.33 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XIX2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XV6162 golds0.61 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XVI3030 golds0.3 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XVII1313 golds0.13 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XVIII1717 golds0.17 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XX2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XXI3333 golds0.33 goldsEmpty
Iwagakure Street XXII2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street I9192 golds0.91 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street II9192 golds0.91 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street III9192 golds0.91 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IV5657 golds0.56 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXa3738 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXb6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXc6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXd6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXe6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXf6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street IXg6567 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street V9298 golds0.92 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street VI9293 golds0.92 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street VII5455 golds0.54 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street VIIIa112115 golds1.12 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street VIIIb112113 golds1.12 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street VIIIc7475 golds0.74 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XA3738 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XB6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XC6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XD6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XE6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XG6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Kiri Gakure Street XH6566 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley I3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley II3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley III3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley IV3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley IX3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley V3738 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley VI3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley VII3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley VIII3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley X3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XI3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XII3741 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XIII3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XV3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XVI3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Konoha Alley XVII3737 golds0.37 goldsRented by Legend Here
Konoha Guild House I336408 golds3.36 goldsRented by Menma (FACC)
Konoha Guild House II9951157 golds9.95 goldsRented by Sebos
Konoha House I120121 golds1.2 goldsEmpty
Konoha House II120125 golds1.2 goldsEmpty
Konoha House III140141 golds1.4 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street I127128 golds1.27 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street II95100 golds0.95 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street III99103 golds0.99 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street IV9898 golds0.98 goldsRented by Naatz
Konoha Street Va7273 golds0.72 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street Vb7273 golds0.72 goldsRented by Kynavy Na Fon
Konoha Street Vc9697 golds0.96 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street Vd7273 golds0.72 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street Vf9598 golds0.95 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street Vg8389 golds0.83 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street Vh7275 golds0.72 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street VI3636 golds0.36 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street VIII152185 golds1.52 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XI7071 golds0.7 goldsRented by Lee Lost
Konoha Street XII7072 golds0.7 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIII6464 golds0.64 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVa3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVb2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVc2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVd2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVe2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVf2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVg2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVh3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVi3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVj2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVk2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIVl2525 golds0.25 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XIX177187 golds1.77 goldsRented by Bloody Strawberry
Konoha Street XV114122 golds1.14 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XVI5657 golds0.56 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XVII5657 golds0.56 goldsRented by Good Devil Best
Konoha Street XVIII117118 golds1.17 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XX104115 golds1.04 goldsRented by Pdrasta
Konoha Street XXI167191 golds1.67 goldsRented by Natalia
Konoha Street XXIIa6767 golds0.67 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIb6473 golds0.64 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIc4949 golds0.49 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIId4141 golds0.41 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIe2323 golds0.23 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIf5353 golds0.53 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIg3131 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIIh2626 golds0.26 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIII7374 golds0.73 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXIV7373 golds0.73 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVa4646 golds0.46 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVb4646 golds0.46 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVc5555 golds0.55 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVd5555 golds0.55 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVe5555 golds0.55 goldsEmpty
Konoha Street XXVf5558 golds0.55 goldsEmpty
Suna Street I3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Suna Street II3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Suna Street III3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Suna Street IV3737 golds0.37 goldsEmpty
Suna Street IX3132 golds0.31 goldsEmpty
Suna Street V6568 golds0.65 goldsEmpty
Suna Street VI3333 golds0.33 goldsEmpty
Suna Street VII4749 golds0.47 goldsEmpty
Suna Street VIII5859 golds0.58 goldsEmpty
Suna Street X4141 golds0.41 goldsEmpty
Suna Street XI4141 golds0.41 goldsEmpty
Suna Street XII4950 golds0.49 goldsEmpty
Suna Street XIII5758 golds0.57 goldsEmpty
Uchiha Guild House466535 golds4.66 goldsRented by Dawinczoo
Uchiha Street I2121 golds0.21 goldsRented by Duszek
Uchiha Street II2121 golds0.21 goldsEmpty
Uchiha Street III2121 golds0.21 goldsEmpty
Uchiha Street IV2121 golds0.21 goldsRented by Calmetsu Uchiha
Uchiha Street V2122 golds0.21 goldsRented by Aaro
Uchiha Street VI2121 golds0.21 goldsEmpty
Uchiha Street VII2121 golds0.21 goldsEmpty
Uchiha Street VIII2121 golds0.21 goldsRented by Aazrahell Uchiha


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