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IDTypeWhereDateDescription jutsu Mystical Palm DeBuff have been changed from 30% to 20%. rate for 400-450lvl has been changed to 2x Rate has been changed to 3x. jutsu Samehada Chakra has been fixed. Jutsu Adaminate has been weakened from 3x to 2x waiting time has been changed from 6h to 2h. have been changed to 10/8/6/3/1/0.5 rate has been changed from x2 to x8. have added new monsters and resps on Myoboku Island for 300lvl with higher drop chance. lot of map bugs have been fixed. Tower Quest has been reworkered. have added 300 instant quest. 400 lvl sets have been buffed up. cast Mystical Palm DeBuf -> 30. Samehada Chakra Absorb has been updated. Samehada Fusion has been updated. Special for tsuchikage -Doton Kajugan no Jutsu-. vs Anbu has been reworked. Kimimaro graphics have been changed. lot of graphics for 400 and 450 lvl has been changed contrast. premium character Menma. client v4.17c has been added to download. Kiki Sanpatsu has been changed to target and area poison attack. Shikigami Kyu has been fixed. Kikaichu has been fixed. have fixed bug with enchant shurikens, you cannot enchant distance items with may break. have fixed all achievements. with 100 enchant has been changed to 50. have blocked amulets of loss on auction system. have added cancel option to character market system.
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