9 Feb 2020 - WoNO - close

Hello, this edition is coming to an end, WoNO will be closed on 12.02.2020

We are preparing next edition which will launch on March, you can write us suggestion about next edition in this topic.


25 Sep 2019 - Changelog

- Shiny Crystal loot has been changed to 3.2%
- Enchanted Golems HP and EXP have been changed.
- Enchanted Golem Task has been fixed.
- Slasher mission for ultra golems has been changed from 2000 to 1000.
- Slasher mission for ancient golems has been changed from 1000 to 500.
- Enchanted Golem task has been changed from 200 to 100.
- Momoshiki Saga has been fixed.
- Rifts and Dungeons teleport range was fixed.

13 Sep 2019 - Almost there!!! - Go Go!

Hello, last few words before start:
1) Just because we have candybot in our client it doesn't mean that you can use it when you are afk, GMs will check if players are exping on afk, and there is ban - 7 days for that. So use your help wisely!
2) There are a lot of streamers who wanted to stream how they play etc, we aprriaciate that, here are some of them:

Twitch - roland255
Twitch - askurapl
Twitch - Dziiikusek
Twitch - bry4n29
Youtube - MichuXD3
Twitch - hypek_
Twitch - skawa_
Twitch - atelierq
Twitch - Axzus1999
Twitch - hunterdalek

if you are new and you don't know how to play, check how they play, maybe ask them. If you are streaming and you are not on the list you can write to me on discord: Jacolos#6350
3) Mavius will be in game if you need help with something, sometimes he may be afk for a while and you can also write to him on discord: Mavius#5698
4) Everything with payments should work fine, but if you have any problems with premium or premium points just write to me:
5) When there will be bugs we will try to fix them quickly, but don't expect we will fix everything in few minutes after you wrote to us :P
6) I wish you guys good luck and I hope you will have fun on this edition !

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